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Friday, October 28, 2005

Serving the Divine Plan Programme

If ever life could become more interesting it is now! The blessed Universal House of Justice just launched a program officially tonight, called "Serving the Divine Plan Programme" and it left us feeling brilliantly happy and again rededicated to service to Baha'u'llah. This Program is a cycle of systematic study; including ruhi classes books 1-7, evening talks with the institution members, and full day workshops on a number of different topics with reflections about the ruhi books, several key documents of the Faith, and a look at broadening our global view. How outstanding a development! Here are a few of the notes which cannot be taken as always accurate from tonights talk of Dr. Peter Khan dealing with 'Service and Worship'. Added in are just some ideas that go along with what he said.

One thing that I hope to adequately share with you all was what Dr. Khan referred to as small actions under the right conditions have enormous affect. He made the connection to service and devotion.

“You have only to begin and everything will be alright.”- ‘Abdu’l-Bahá

He gave many examples as to the often humble beginnings of certain now large current day corporations. How reciting the verses of God can cause the heart of every righteous man to throb. How prayer, especially obligatory prayer, has an enormous affect to the world. If you have heard of the ‘butterfly effect’ and how such a small ripple of air can cause such tremendous impact, then imagine how our often everyday, discerned by outward seeming eyes as perhaps mundane and almost meaningless efforts, can impact the lives and hearts of the world. Take May Boles Maxwell, who in the evening of her life, traveled to Argentina to teach and almost immediately upon arriving there died. Not only was she extolled by the Guardian as a martyr in the Path of God, but became the spiritual guidance for that area. How can this be Dr. Khan asked that such a seemingly meaningless action to the world at large can guide aright so many souls. He also gave the example of the LSAs. They are described by the mind boggling words, from them “the spirit of life streameth in all directions.” He asked how is it that an LSA can have such an effect keeping in experiences of often disordered, extremely tired, frustrated, and difficultly put together groups of servants to make an LSA. Yes this powerful effect of the LSA is the truth. He mentioned some things that we can do each day in service and devotion that can have an outstanding influence in the world.

-kindness to animals
-daily intercourses with people
-Even the attitude towards one self and acquiring virtues and understanding ones own soul
-Understanding crafts, education, work, learning the sciences and arts as all acts of service unto God
-prayer, especially obligatory prayer

All of this hit me with such a force. Imagine how you are laying the seeds, how your very small efforts can free minds and hearts from the clutter of this world, how your smile can even change the world, how every footstep you take in service can unburden an overburdened humanity, how your dedication to your ‘spiritual children’ can generate the next wave of change, how your love radiates outwards to remake society, and how your daily exertions can transmute this darkness into everlasting light.


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