Haifa Life

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Influence from the City of God

The constant urgency

Only when asked for does the heavy burden descend,
Gently applying pressure, applied to capacity,
Life explodes, remains exposed, no exertion held back,
The Divine Elixir has taken hold, captivated the heart,
Transmutation at its early beginning, a power to laugh at alchemy,
Still the real elixir knowledge exists, waiting for the ready in mind,
Equation ripples in anticipation, science far too young to suffice,
Fear the effects of such an occurrence,
The world plunges in gold,
An icy grip waiting, insistent,
For with fire we test the gold,
And with gold We test our servants,
In the end you see their wasted bodies,
Still clinging to the metal within the fire,
High above the faithful tread the Sirát,
Careful upon the sword’s edge,
Waiting expectant to reach the shores of Ridván,
With each breath they know the urgency,
To turn back is death indeed,
To continue the stony path, life shed for life,
Constant in effort, steadfast in speed.


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