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Saturday, February 04, 2006

The Second Group of Pictures from Panama

Tribute to Candace and Sheyda
Music flying like gentle breeze, vibrations into the realm of love’s connection,
Calling me down, opening all the tears,
Soothing reminder of her smile within the luminous haze of service,
An innocence that the world has not ripped completely from her experience,
A duet of friendship she shares, side by side little sister,
As if the same blood runs in each other’s veins, and rivers of spirit flow from one source,
Wonder what she does as reading these words,
If they reach towards the far-off notion,
Can she ever be thanked for the change produced in this undeserving wanderer,
Prayer in all direction,
Bring to her support Thine unfailing protection, delicate healing, heart-conquering power,
Even in her darkest trial let the light of Bahá dawn upon her lips,
Sweep before her all obstacles,To follow her in this life and the next.


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