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Thursday, February 02, 2006

To Capture Panama in Verse

The Heart of Panama

Sleepy eyes no longer understand time,
As if the sun had been eclipsed,
And the moon began to give off afternoon dazzle,
Boarding tickets, passports, paper waste now,
This is the last ride home,
Peculiar how home is Haifa,
The friends, the Shrines, the struggle,
Dunbar, classes, evening dinners from a package,
And everything that was physically left behind,
Implanted, their roots sinking deeper into the heart’s soil,
Sheyda beats within my being, crystal clear,
As much a part of me as the air around,
She infuses me with hope, with sparkling sighs,
She smiles back at me through the thoughts,
And I feel to soar, to dip wings, migrate towards heaven,
To seek the apex of reality and be able to look out at that level,
See her silvery glow, her beauteous form, her simple nature,
And laugh just for the sake of laughing,
Leap with joy at this life of remembrance,
Action, teaching, reflection, pain, suffering, tests,
Continue the ring of adoration, circumambulation of Bahá’u’lláh,
How sweet, how delightful His Most Great Name,
Adorning lips the hidden letters have been manifested,
Fulfilling all promises, acknowledging all faith,
The pivot of our beings is the Source,
Strengthened, refined in the connection between east and west,
Illumined, confirmed, dancing with excitement,
The beat of Panama was fervor in tempo,
Perking the very nerves, enhancing the senses,
It was a learning centre of love, the for-front of Latin American action,
Prejoveniles the arena of training, 18 books envisioned,
Mighty burdens, heavy responsibilities, everlasting life,
A path few will walk, less will fulfill,
A path I wish to burn with her,
Forgetting all else save Bahá’u’lláh.


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