Haifa Life

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Pictures of Junior Youth Ecological Camp

Days are speeding by, a good mix of ups and downs, one especially happy endeavor has been working with the junior youth group that is part of the Bahá’í school at the Bahá’í World Center. Getting to know such junior youth, becoming their friends, and actively working with them to build capacity and be involved with projects of service has been a tremendous learning experience into the nature of souls at this age period of transition and identity formation. These young people have endless potential and capacity to serve and take on the responsibilities of the Cause and I hope that you are able to see that with your own eyes back home in your communities. The Universal House of Justice has joyfully said, “So impressed are we with the results already achieved, and so compelling is the need, that we will urge all National Assemblies to consider the junior youth groups formed through programmes implemented by their training institutes a fourth core activity in its own right and to promote its wide-scale multiplication.” With Theresa Kipp, whom I have had the privilege of teaming up with, we recently went on an ecological camp with the junior youth that has been designed by the Ruhi Institute in Columbia. It was loads of fun and we all truly had a packed, eventful day of studying the Writings about nature, barbequing, a mountainous trail into the riverbed, improvisational theater, and games.
Landscape of Yehiam Fortress

Amelia in a crevice at the castle

Tower stairs with arrow slits

Part of group goes into valley trail to the river