Haifa Life

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Midnight dark

July 2006

What has become of nobility and the righteous heart,
Where sings the fair voice of ethics,
Upon which branch is the bird of equity,
From what harbor will sail the ship of might,
Where are the stars of heavenly light,
What time are the limbs to wail,
Why are we questioning endless questions,
Do they even hear the constant barrage,
Curiosity, pain, sadness, prayer, hope, peace,
All pin pricks of the expansive vision,
The cycling of cataclysmic events into waves of purity,
Time signs and repeated warnings of underlying intention,
A world to emerge purged from its past,
Prepared for its future, stretching into the far reaches of time,
The body of man shall have prayed, “my steps be made firm.”,O Lord, Who guidest in the midnight dark.


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