Haifa Life

Thursday, July 27, 2006


July 2006

When we sit and the red streaks throb,
Sending mental reminders of too many hours,
Caught in the clutches of one’s own mind,
Hungering away to serve the all-pervasive Truth,
Lost in friendship or disgrace,
More acutely away of inner failings than ever before,
Tiredness in lost time and frustrated sighs,
Ponderments over sweet lamb dinner, white rice,
Laughs that hold many smiles,
Realizing that death is a veil without fear,
The hand has stretched forth to move the carpet,
Many have been swept aside into the night,
Teary eyes and groaning hearts remain on vigil,
To see a pain soul deep bends emotions,
Lingering testimony to these few days,
Raising above a Haifa skyline,Another rocket falls.


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