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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Garden Memoirs

thought it would be fun to write about the experience in the gardens today.. it all started on one of those early morning rises, the closest thing to a fall day in Washington, which only means that the summer roasting heat has subsided for a short while... the army gathers at base camp... a slightly messy enclosure smelling like gas and home to the off green gardeners.... our choice weapons... hard rakes, tillers, soft rakes, hose, pitch fork, skin pores, and bottles of water... our destination the banks of heavenly delight or in reality the steepest slopes of soil you ever want to work with again... the peat is layed... the hundreds
of bags of good clay soil from the stars is spread awaiting its underground resting place...Jody, Muhammad, Nezar, and Jon gather their wits about them and prepare for a grueling day only possible through the sustaining grace of Bahá’u’lláh... Adriana smiles and approaches... "Since you don’t have so much work right now tilling all of the begonia beds and removing hundreds ofpounds of worthless junk, would you be so kind as to remove the cycads around the Greatest Holy Leaf", Jon replies, "O yes that would be my pleasure as we are so excited about the prospect of removing a mammoth log without the help of a car"... the daylight is leaving the gardens... souls have come and gone... more and more groups from the offices arriving to say prayers... hope they are not saddened by the complete removal of all old santolina and companion flower beds, empty begonia beds, and butchered frangipani trees, courtesy of Mr. Ben... 4:10 we have finally finished leveling the large bank above the Monuments... the body is tired and the soul is happy and expectant. Muhammad and Nezar have headed home and Jon sits down with Jody for a while reminiscing over such
a crazy day of sweat, love, purpose, and life. All Praise be to God for having offered us and all those come before us a chance to serve in these gardens upon the Vineyard of God.



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